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Bette Price, CMC
President & CEO

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Bette quoted in Financial Times about GenBlending.
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Gone are the days when a company's success can be measured by profits alone. Today, a successful company must balance human values with economic values. Those who lead with an awareness of this convergence of people and profits seek significance in their own lives as well as financial success. They are "True Leaders."

The Price Group recognizes that while financial performance is expected, profit alone is not enough. We put profit into a long-term perspective rather than focusing on the short-term financial kill. We place an intrinsic value on employees and believe people are your greatest asset. We know that without hiring, retaining and engaging your employees, your positions of power are limited. We are a leading authority on True Leader strategies. Price Group Founder and President, Bette Price, wrote the book on it:

The leadership pendulum is shifting!
True Leaders provides a blueprint for this shift.

How Exceptional CEOs and Presidents Make A Difference
by Building People and Profits

By Bette Price and George Ritcheske

True Leaders Now Available At:
True Leaders At


Attracting and Developing a New Generation of Leaders
Our multi-faceted research on Millennials stands apart from stereotypical myths inferring tomorrow's workforce is a problem. Instead, we recognize this new talented generation for the wealth of innovation and results that they seek to bring to the growth of business. Understanding, selecting and developing this new generation of talent offers opportunities for forward-thinking companies……great opportunities if they are able to adapt and leverage the opportunities before them. We have those unique insights which we offer through our trademarked GenBlending™ programs.

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