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No one has more insight into what it takes to be a True Leader than Bette Price. She wrote the book on it!

As a nationally recognized business consultant and speaker, Bette has brought to the platform her first-hand expertise in leadership and business development issues for more than ten years. As the author of TRUE LEADERS: How Exceptional CEOs and Presidents Make A Difference by Building People and Profits, she shares with business audiences nationwide an important shift in leadership and why now, more than ever before, True Leaders are needed for organizations to achieve long-term success.

Her research on Generation Y/the Millennials, brings you real-life insights of how to leverage the talents of this new, talented generation to make your organization more innovative, more productive and more profitable. Don't be held back by generational myths. Find out why effectively blending this new generation of talent into your organization will be the most important decision you will make for your organization's future.

Download Bette's Speaking Brochure by clicking here >>

    Bette's Business Keynote Speeches:  
  • GenBlending: Leveraging the Talents of A New Generation of Leaders
  • Why Millennials Matter: Dispelling the Myths, Engaging the Best
  • Now is the Time for True Leaders
  • What True Leaders Do…You Can Do Too

What Others Say About Bette:

"Thank you for the absolutely terrific job. While I anticipated this would be the case, I was still amazed at how strongly you influenced the effectiveness of the team. Not only did you address our meeting goals to develop the team professionally, but you have given them a common language to help them deal with each other."
        Manager, IBM Global Services

"I know I can always count on Bette. Whether it's a business keynote, facilitating a strategy session, or delivering an informational breakout, Bette consistently delivers current, timely, motivating and meaningful content. That's why we call on Bette again and again."
      Charlotte Davis, CMP, President
      Event Source Professionals, Inc.
      Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA

Bette is an international author who speaks from real life, research-based insights and knowledge. Bette has been a professional member of the National Speakers Association since 1987. She was invited to be part of the "Platinum Performers" by Meeting Professionals International after her high-rated program for their 2008 national conference. She is a fact-based, high-content, business speaker with meaningful information that makes a difference.

Generation Y, The Millennials. The largest generation of our lifetime, A generation that is all too often misunderstood, misperceived and misrepresented, yet critical to the growth of American business.

They are our future professionals and managers. To know their real talent and true value is your competitive edge for a profitable future.

We've surveyed them, talked with them, queried them face-to-face; even assessed their behaviors and motivators to reveal realities that you'll want to know in order to hire, engage, and retain this important generation of talent.

For more about our research and GenBlending programs, visit the GenBlending website at



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