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"I'm a great believer in core values. They are beliefs that drive what you do, and they are also boundaries that set up the limits of what you are willing to do."
     --David Walker, Comptroller General, United States

"I look for diversity in style and unity in values. You can have all different styles, but you have to have unity in values."
     ---David Novak, Chairman & CEO Tricon Global Restaurants

To determine the motivation and drive behind each of the True Leaders interviewed for the book, we administered a highly validated assessment.

When we work with leadership teams, we find that the most accurate way to determine how to gain team understanding and team alignment of purpose is to do the same. We administer Behavioral and Values assessments, then build on the team's unity in values.

Once assessments have been administered to a leadership team, an Executive Briefing is conducted to brief the team on its strengths, possible areas of conflict, areas of leadership that may be missing, and, most importantly, common values that can be used to unify and build a strong team.

This briefing provides an incredibly strong process for helping to align the entire leadership team. It helps to value the diverse thinking that each team member brings to the team and serves as a powerful tool to build from.

What Next?

Depending upon outcomes, debriefing sessions are often followed up with one-on-one coaching sessions or leadership development planning sessions that help to focus on issues identified during the Executive Briefings. This provides an objective third-party facilitator to enhance the discovery process and challenge the status quo for growth-oriented thinking.


Bette Price is a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst. This Certification from TTI Performance Systems, Ltd. signifies that Bette has achieved the highest level of professional excellence in the use of the Values and Behavioral Instruments with TTI.

To receive this certification Bette achieved a combination of proven application experiences and an intensive three-hour examination on each assessment using analysis and interpretation of the Values and Behavioral Assessment Reports.

For more information on the assessment tools, check out Books/Dev. Tools



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