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Using the following scale, indicate the extent to which you do the following:
(1)=Seldom (5)=Almost Always
Use a specific set of guiding principles to make my decisions
Demonstrate passion about the purpose of my business
Inspire people I work with through dialogue about the vision for the business
Encourage work/life balance for those I manage/lead
Take calculated risks
Demonstrate my primary values in what I do and say
Actively listen to others, especially those at diverse levels within the organization or those with different views
Reflect on what I've learned from each of my experiences
Have a keen awareness of all that is going on around me
Create opportunities to leverage people's strengths
Help others to build their careers
Tell the truth regardless of the consequences
Actively work to build trust throughout the organization
Recognize and acknowledge the good things other people are doing
Trust my intuition
Have a set of strong beliefs from which I operate that I am not willing to compromise
Encourage and support other's risk-taking
Take specific steps to achieve balance between my work and family in order to improve my health and personal growth
Openly share information with colleagues throughout the organization
Share the truth behind difficult decisions
Ensure that information flows to everyone involved or impacted
Share broadly with others what I have learned and am learning
Spot trends to broaden my awareness and adapt them to my organization's vision
Convey to my people how important they are to the organization and its achievements
Your Total Score Is:
 0 - 75 
You may be managing more than leading. True Leaders examples would greatly help you to enhance your leadership skills and bring more balance to your leading and managing.
 76 - 99 
You seem to demonstrate good, realistic leadership skills. True Leader examples will strengthen what you have already started.

 100 - 125 

Objective feedback would be helpful to ensure that you actually demonstrate this high a level of leadership skills. Since true leaders are constantly learning, you may want to reevaluate your answers to see where you may still seek improvement.
If you would like to measure your True Leader style and motivation to those of the CEOs in the True Leader book, you are invited to take a complimentary assessment. Just contact us and we will immediately arrange for you to go online and take a free assessment.


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